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Color Coated Steel Sheet Hgh Jintropin -
 Hormone Injection Peptides Bodybuilding Epo 3000iu Epo – Confucius

Color Coated Steel Sheet Hgh Jintropin - Hormone Injection Peptides Bodybuilding Epo 3000iu Epo – Confucius

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Color Coated Steel Sheet Hgh Jintropin - Hormone Injection Peptides Bodybuilding Epo 3000iu Epo – Confucius Detail:

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Weight Loss, Bodybuilding

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Hormone Injection Peptides Bodybuilding Epo 3000iu Epo

Erythropoetin,Epo 3000iu,Erythropoetin Epo,Pharmaceutical Epo,Best Selling Epo
Product name: High purity EPO(3000IU)
Cas number:121062–08-6
MOQ: 1box
MW.: 1024.20
MF.: C50H69N15O9
Appearance:  white freeze-dried powder
Sotre at: Cool dry place

Specification: 10mg/vial, 10vial/box

Appearance White to off white powder Consistent
Purity(HPLC) ≥98% 99.38%
Water <6&period;0&percnt; 4&period;63&percnt;
Acetic Acid 3&period;0-8&period;0&percnt; 6&period;45&percnt;
Trifluoroacetic Acid <0&period;25&percnt; 0&period;15&percnt;
Peptide ≥80&percnt; 84&period;61&percnt;
MS Consistent Consistent

EPO is an erythropoiesis-stimulating agent &lpar;ESA&rpar; that is sold in recombinant form &lpar;rhEPO&rpar; for injection&period; It usually is packaged as a lyophilized &lpar;freeze dried&rpar; powder that is reconstituted with sterile water before injection&period; One popular form is called Epogen &lpar;r&rpar;&comma; and it is made for subcutaneous usage&period; A starting dosage is typically 20 i&period;u&period; per kilogram bodyweight&comma; 3 times&sol;week&period; After two to four weeks&comma; a maintenance dose of 20 i&period;u&period; &sol;kg BW can be taken once a week&period;

EPO use can be very dangerous if the user allows their hematocrit to creep too high&period; The ideal hematocrit for athletic performance is thought to be 55 &lpar;expressed in percent&rpar;&period; Levels above this can result in "sludging" of the blood&comma; which reduces microcirculation&period; This is counterproductive to oxygen transport&period; Additionally&comma; at high hematocrit levels one is at greater risk for deadly vascular events such as stroke&comma; especially if he&sol;she becomes dehydrated during competition &lpar;which increases hematocrit even further&rpar;&period;

In addition to increasing aerobic efficiency through greater oxygen transport in the blood&comma; there is some evidence suggesting EPO may also have anabolic effects&period; EPO has been shown in rat studies to substantially increase weight gain and injury repair after surgery&period; Furthermore&comma; EPO receptors are present on myoblasts &lpar;immature muscle cell progenitors&rpar; and may have a potential in muscle development and repair&period;

EPO&comma; or its alternative erythropoetin or EPO&comma; is a glycoprotein hormone that controls erythropoiesis&comma; or red blood cell production&period; It is a cytokine for erythrocyte &lpar;red blood cell&rpar; precursors in the bone marrow&period;

Also called hematopoietin or hemopoietin&comma; it is produced by the peritubular capillary endothelial cells in the kidney&comma; and is the hormone that regulates red blood cell production&period; It also has other known biological functions&period; For example&comma; EPO plays an important role in the brain's response to neuronal injury&period; EPO is also involved in the wound healing process&period;
When exogenous EPO is used as a performance-enhancing drug&comma; it is classified as an erythropoiesis-stimulating agent &lpar;ESA&rpar;&period; Exogenous EPO can often be detected in blood&comma; due to slight difference from the endogenous protein&comma; for example in features of posttranslational modification&period;

Red blood cell production
The primary role of EPO is an essential hormone for red blood cell production&period; Without it&comma; definitive erythropoiesis does not take place&period; Under hypoxic conditions&comma; the kidney will produce and secrete EPO to increase the production of red blood cells by targeting CFU-E&comma; proerythroblast and basophilic erythroblast subsets in the differentiation&period; EPO has its primary effect on red blood cell progenitors and precursors &lpar;which are found in the bone marrow in humans&rpar; by promoting their survival through protecting these cells from apoptosis&period;

EPO is the primary erythropoietic factor that cooperates with various other growth factors &lpar;e&period;g&period;&comma; IL-3&comma; IL-6&comma; glucocorticoids&comma; and SCF&rpar; involved in the development of erythroidlineage from multipotent progenitors&period; The burst-forming unit-erythroid &lpar;BFU-E&rpar; cells start EPO receptor expression and are sensitive to EPO&period; Subsequent stage&comma; the colony-forming unit-erythroid &lpar;CFU-E&rpar;&comma; expresses maximal EPO receptor density and is completely dependent on EPO for further differentiation&period; Precursors of red cells&comma; the proerythroblasts and basophilic erythroblasts also express EPO receptor and are therefore affected by it&period;

Nonhematopoietic roles
Epo has a range of actions including vasoconstriction-dependent hypertension&comma; stimulating angiogenesis&comma; and inducing proliferation of smooth muscle fibers&period; It can increase iron absorption by suppressing the hormone hepcidin&period;

EPO levels of 100 times the baseline have been detected in brain tissue as a natural response to hypoxic damage&period;&lsqb;5&rbrack; In rats&comma; pretreatment with erythropietin was associated with neuronal protection during induced cerebral hypoxia&period;&lsqb;6&rbrack; Trials in humans have not been reported&period;

Multiple studies have suggested that EPO improves memory&period; This effect is independent of its effect on hematocrit&period; Rather&comma; it is associated with an increase in hippocampal response and effects on synaptic connectivity&comma; neuronal plasticity&comma; and memory-related neural networks&period;&lsqb;9&rbrack;&lsqb;10&rbrack; EPO may have effects on mood&period;
Medical uses
EPO available for use as therapeutic agents are produced by recombinant DNA technology in cell culture&comma; and include Epogen&sol;Procrit &lpar;epoetin alfa&rpar; and Aranesp &lpar;darbepoetin alfa&rpar;&semi; they are used in treating anemia resulting fromchronic kidney disease&comma; inflammatory bowel disease &lpar;Crohn's disease and ulcer colitis&rpar;&lsqb;18&rbrack; and myelodysplasia from the treatment of cancer &lpar;chemotherapy and radiation&rpar;&period; The package inserts include boxed warnings of increased risk of death&comma; myocardial infarction&comma; stroke&comma; venous thromboembolism&comma; and tumor recurrence&comma; particularly when used to increase the hemoglobin levels to more than 11 to 12 g&sol;dl&period;

Our company can provide purity of 95&percnt;&comma; 98&percnt; acetic acid Melanotan II&semi; It may also be based on customer needs to provide additional purity&excl; And provide various derivatives of this polypeptide&comma; for scientific use&period; If you are interested&comma; please feel free to contact Alisa&comma;my phone &plus;86-18121080540&period;We will provide you with high quality products and services&period;

Payment method&colon; Escrow&comma; Western Union&comma; Paypal&comma; TT&comma; L&sol;C&period;
Shipping method&colon; Fedex&comma; DHL&comma; EMS or by SEA
Delivery time&colon; within 3days after payment&comma; 7-10days to arrive&period;

Our process&colon;
The quality control process
Thorough market research&comma; understand the price of raw materials and performance&period;To the procurement source to understand fully&comma; and fully guarantee the quality of the procurement of raw materials&period;
2&rpar; Inspection
Four steps&colon; sampling&comma; sample pretreatment&comma; measuring and data processing&period;
3&rpar; Producing
a&rpar;Each operator must do self-inspection of producs and make the corresponding inspection records&period;
b&rpar;Full-time inspectors through check the operator self-inspection&comma; and review and sign in the corresponding record&period; Full-time inspection is responsible for inspection of finished product&comma; and make the finished product incoming inspection records&period;
4&rpar; Before selling 
Test result can be provided before selling&period;
Third-party detection institution is allowed if you are not satisfied with test results&period;
Our advantages&colon;
1&period; Quality&colon; 
Our company is a professional production of hormone intermediates for many years&comma; our products have exported to Germany&comma; Spain&comma; UK&comma; USA&comma; Australia&comma; Middle East&comma; and so on other country&comma; and we have got very good feedback from our customers&comma; you can trust us&period;
And we are the manufactory&comma; so no problem for us to control the quality&period;
2&period;Payment method&colon; Western Union&comma; MoneyGram&comma; TT&comma; Escrow&comma; Paypal&period;
3&period; Service&colon; Best service with after-sales service to all clients&period;
4&period; Delivery&colon;
Sample Order &colon;Package will be shipped with 3days after payment&period; We can send it via HKems&comma; EMS&comma; HK Air Post&comma; DHL or other method&period; We have a professional and stable logistics&comma; and we can deliver the package smoothly around 3 to 5 days&period;
Bulk Order&colon; Shipped via sea or air&comma; it's according to your requirement&comma; delivery time is 7-15days after payment&period;


No Name  Spe
CZG-FST06 Boldeno Acetate 200mg&ast;10ml
CZG-FST07 Boldeno Udecylenate 200mg&ast;10ml
CZG-FST08 Stanozo Suspension 50mg&ast;10ml
CZG-FST11 H C G  5000IU 

Contact methods&colon;
Miss&period; Lily
Sky&equals;pe &colon; live&colon;bettyleena
Tel&colon; &plus;86-18861115103
        &plus;86 0519 86879655
Fax&colon;&plus;86 0519 86474295
Please feel free to contact me for more details&excl;

Product detail pictures:

Color Coated Steel Sheet Hgh Jintropin -
 Hormone Injection Peptides Bodybuilding Epo 3000iu Epo – Confucius detail pictures

Color Coated Steel Sheet Hgh Jintropin -
 Hormone Injection Peptides Bodybuilding Epo 3000iu Epo – Confucius detail pictures

Color Coated Steel Sheet Hgh Jintropin -
 Hormone Injection Peptides Bodybuilding Epo 3000iu Epo – Confucius detail pictures

Color Coated Steel Sheet Hgh Jintropin -
 Hormone Injection Peptides Bodybuilding Epo 3000iu Epo – Confucius detail pictures

Color Coated Steel Sheet Hgh Jintropin -
 Hormone Injection Peptides Bodybuilding Epo 3000iu Epo – Confucius detail pictures

Color Coated Steel Sheet Hgh Jintropin -
 Hormone Injection Peptides Bodybuilding Epo 3000iu Epo – Confucius detail pictures

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